Use OPPLE LED to make your office comfort

A Well-designed office lighting can create a productivity-boosting and delightful working environment, yet it is easily ignored. Following these four fundamental lighting requirements in office designs could help enhance satisfaction and productivity in any work space.

Use OPPLE LED to make your office comfort


An aspect of comfort is to avoid direct exposure of the eyes to a strong light source. This will cause discomfort and distractions to an individual's eyes. In addition, there are many computers in an office that assist productivity. Direct light sources can produce a reflective glare on computer screens that make it difficult to see and focus on what is displayed.

Use OPPLE LED to make your office warm

The glare in relation to brightness has become a standard of lamp selection. Lamps with good flux distribution curves can reduce glare and create a comfortable lighting environment. As a result, we recommend lamps with a batwing flux distribution curve designed by OPPLE.



Uniformity refers to the contrast between the brightness and darkness in an area. If the interior contrast is very high, this means there are major differences between the bright and dark areas in the space. Often high contrast will result in compartmentalization of a work area. If the interior contrast is low, this means all the illuminance, whether bright or dark, is at a similar level resulting in uniformity.

Use OPPLE LED to make your office uniformity

Uniformity is equal to the minimum luminance value in a lighting zone divided by the average illuminance value in the same lighting zone.



In the lighting design of an open office, it is necessary to take into account the many dynamics of the work area. Little changes in the configuration and placement of furniture, plants, colors, or employees can change the lighting requirement needed in those area.

interior lighting untuk office room


An element of safety is to ensure that the brightness and uniformity in a work space are according to international standards so individuals in the work place have clear visibility and depth perception.

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However, safety also involves the general quality of the lighting product. This includes stability of all components and that all international standards are met in key components of a lighting product, such as the starter, electrics wires, and many other lighting parts.